Risks of a CT scan Machine

Computerized Tomography Machine is best for the inner organs of the body for finding out those internal diseases which can not be easy to capture by human eye.
Although CT scan is very useful medically. . But every good thing has some bad part.

Risk of CT scan Machine:

Amount of radiation is different in different CT scan Machine.

  • CT SCAN of the Brain: 1.4 MSV
  • CT scan of CHEST: 6.6 MSV
  • CT scan of the complete human body: 10 MSV
  • Exposed to the radiation of this machine
  • Allergic reaction of the liquid.
  • Harmful radiations:  during your CT scan you exposed too much radiation. This radiation has a very less possibility to increase your risk for cancer. Doctor always tries to use less dose of radiation.
  • Harmful for Babies: CT scan rays are harmful for babies and for the fetus also. CT scan in children can cause significant increase the risk of the disease leukemia, brain cancer.
  • The most common problem of CT scan is reaction of the iodine based liquid which gives in vein. Because by this liquid visibility of organs is clear to the machine.
  • This Liquid may causes itching, hives, feeling of warmth. Vomiting, sneezing etc.
  • Another allergic reaction of this called anaphylactic reaction and this reaction causes severe hives and difficulty in breathing.
  • NON-ionising radiation reaction: This is the radiation which is generally used in CT Scan Machine but it is not as harmful as other’s.
  • Ionising radiation: ionising radiation is more powerful then Non Ionising reaction. It directly attacks on the cells.
  • Radiation sickness: – when amount of this radiation is higher result are illness and many other things like vomiting, Bleeding etc.
  • Local Injury:- skin burn’s
  • Risk of cancer: – large amount of this can alter the genetic material. This can trigger to the cancer.

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Finding of radiation effected people:-

  • 74 0f 178,604 patients with leukemia.
  • 135 Of 176,587 patients with brain tumor.
  • Around a 1 in 10,000 chance that a young person’s CT scan will give them disease leukemia and brain tumor, sickness, bleeding etc.
  • Computerizes tomography is completely pain less technique for patients  but the radiation liquid, and the x-rays use to diagnose the disease  are very harmful.
  • Use of CT scan during pregnancy may harm to the fetus. Because children’s are at risk by these radiation.

How CT scan is performed ?

CT Scans are used to identify internal structures of various part of the human body. Includes heads (for blood clots in head, skull fractures, brain tumor’s, and brain infection). CT Scans method accurately
Measures the density of bone in osteoporosis.

CT Scans Machine is 3 D machine with computer model. Inside the patients so that the doctor can examine the narrow slice or part of the body at a time to point some specific areas.

Working of CT scan machine:-

Working of CT scan machine is slightly same as x-ray machine but the only difference is x-ray machine capture only  single image of body in a while or the particular part but CT scan machine can easily create a chain of images. A cross section view is taken in every image of the body. These cross sections are combined together and form a depth understanding of patient’s body.

Main advantage of CT scan is that it can conclude additional features comparatively x-ray machine. Ex. Tissue and organ’s are very clear in CT scan machine.

CT scan machine uses a lesser amount of radiation than x-ray machine.

CT Scanners are just like a large sized ring shaped doughnut which turn around and tilt for patient. Patient lay down on a table and that table moves slowly. This table is attached with the central ring but, all this procedure followed is not comfortable.

Now the patient’s table slides towards the center ring and scanner of the machine begins rotating. By doing this, it continuously keep on  taking  pictures of  human body through all angles. After completion of one series. Table moves for  an inch and scanner starts to take images for second series.

With in some minutes all procedure is done and  technicians get all  the cross section capture of all the body part of that patient.

During the all process the technicians will stay with you via an intercom. When the scanner is taking your picture the technicians will ask you to hold your breath and stay constant.
CT scan   produces very good quality of result of Soft tissue, blood vessels.

What is CT scan machine?

CT Scan Machine is a Computerized tomography machine. This is used to capture the structure of internal part of human body. It is a noninvasive clinical test help’s to physician, diagnose the problem.
CT scan combines some X-ray machine with some digital system for an effective quality of patient’s image
And these cross section images studies and than examined on the computer monitor.

It provide more clear result of organ’s bones, soft tissue than a regular x-ray machine.

This is just like a giant donut.  This machine is like an x ray machine produce images but the only difference is that CT scan provides a series of images with different different angles.
It is medical imagining machine use digital geometry process to generate a cross section three dimensional image.

Its a very useful equipment for doctors and medial assistants in hospital.

It will help to diagnose the disease of the patient’s where other examination’s and report’s are not clear.

It is not only used in health care it is also used in other fields.

  • With SOAMATOM Emotion:- this is one of the scan machine that is designed for make your work day easy and relaxing and more effective medically
  • Phillips Brilliance: – this machine is released by Royal Phillips. It is designed for leading high edge and research to that institutions who want to organize most advanced multicast computerized tomography.

With the help of specialized machine and expert’s can generate an interpret CT Scans of body.  Its is helpful for severe problem like cancer, infectious disease, trauma

Invention of this machine is very much helpful to doctor’s.
Major advantage of this machine is its ability to click all the images of soft tissue bone blood vessels at the same time.

Its result is very clear and detailed, simple. And it produces fast result in the case of emergency. It can easily reveal internal injuries and bleeding very quickly.

It is cost effective imaging machine for wide range of medical problems.

What is CT scan?

Computer Tomography Imaging machine which is used for captured the inside disease and the activity inside the body parts which is not captured by the human eye.

Tomography is a word from Greek language. It is combination of “tomos+ graphia” Tomos stands for “parts” or “slice” and graphia stands for “describing” combined meaning of this is description of all the body parts.

CT scan is kind of X-ray machine with some advance technology.  Join many x-rays together with computer to generate the graphical view and detail of the internal organ’s and structure of human body.

Alias for Computer tomography is CT scan CAT scan.
This computerized machine is only used for detect the normal or defected things of human body.

History of CT scan:

This computerized machine invented in 1972 By British engineer Godfrey Hounsfield.
Officially first machine were installed in between 1974 and 1976.
Mainly this machine is invented for head images only. But in 1976 it is available for the whole system of body.
It is an advanced machine which can scan complete chest part with in 10 seconds.

During The Process of Ct scan you have lie on your back on flat surface. This machine consist x-ray tube that rotates around your all body. And the x-rays will be identified by a detector

When CT scan Machine Used:

Ct scan machine is used to analyze and diagnose variety of different different health condition.
1. Brain tumors
2. Bone fracture.
3. Basically for internal organ’s like kidney’s, liver, sleep disc.
Ct scans are also used to look inside before any other medical procedure takes place

Working of CAT scan machine

Ct scan combines two things that are part (slice) and description. We have a small example for this. Suppose you have body as a loaf of bread and you are at the starting point of the loaf. Once you started removing each slice of the loaf of the bread you can easily see the inner side of this. In the same way the body of human being is diagnosed from the skin of the body to central.

These levels all together create a 3 D image of the body.

Safe and Secure:

The CT scan is a diagnostic process without any threat. Ct scan machine saves you to the radiation because the amount of radiation is very less that does not harm you


When CT scans are used ?

Computerized Tomography (CT scans) provide information and help’s to doctor to Identify the disease. And doctors can easily judge that what exactly the disease is.
CT scan is perfect way for accurate result of some unsuspected disease.

CT Scans can give images for all type of tissue, bone, lung tissue, blood vessels, etc. CT Scans are ordered when ever there is unexpected pain, dizziness or other problem related to human body.

The machine of CT scan is used for all parts of human body. This process of CT scan is painless.

Generally CT scan used in following conditions-:

  • Head injury: CT scan is a very fast machine which is available in emergency of hospital. Head injury is dangerous a person can lose all his memory due to this so fast result of the injury is must.
  • Sometimes CT scan is also used for skull of human body.
  • Neck problem: when ever a person is suffering from neck pain problem CT scan is must because it may be the injury of tissue inside the neck
  • For identify disease related to chest.
  • When the problem is related to liver and  kidney’s
  • When a person is surfing from sinus. CT machine is used to identify the condition of patients.
  • Mainly CT scan machine is used in the narrowing of the spinal canal in people with neck problem leg pain problem etc.
  • Cardiac computed tomography is latest pain less technique for acquiring image of internal and unseen parts of the body. Small slice of each part are shown and than they collected together to create a big picture of whole heart. For finding pulmonary embolisms aortic, aneurysm.

Type of computerizes tomography (CT scan):-

  • Head Scans: – CT scans technology mainly invented for capturing head images., suspected brain tumor’s, swelling in head, when the blood supply of any part of head will stop or cut off.
  • Abdominal Scans:- in this type of scans all the tumor’s  and condition’s detect that cause internal organ’s liver, kidney’s, lungs etc.
  • Vascular scans:- this type of CT scan is used to check out the flow of blood in human body
  • Bone scans:- used for access bone related injuries

CT Scans generally used after some serious accident to find out the internal injury
CT scan also used for general check up’s because this machine easily identify normal and abnormal tissue of human body